hi, you reached the website of some guy who is in deep love with skateboarding but pissed off by its industry.


do you have a problem with the skateboarding industry?

thanks for asking. for me, buying products today is a political statement. by purchasing things you support a company and inevitably it’s business morality. if company A’s only morality is to get maximum profit by excluding environmental, social and human requirements through offshoring and thelike we hopefully have the option to buy from company B and kick company A’s ass. unfortunately i got the feeling that the major part of the skateboarding industry act like company A.

if you are right, what’s the solution?

look out for company B 😉 thanks to the the lack of innovation by the majors (i wonder where all the money goes when they don’t even do some research?) you can purchase boards, shirts etc. from little local companys.or just do it yourself. get blanks and shirts. watch out for fair produced stuff. keep the culture alive by doing some personal designs to print on your stuff and you are in it.

aren’t you somewhat self-righteous?

that’s absolutely possible but some of the most important things we can still learn from punk are:

  1. if it sucks, do it yourself
  2. voice your opinion
  3. take a stance

so i had to do this. finally don’t get it all too serious.i tend to be cynical.

your english sucks.

i know.

this baby validates!

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