hi, you reached the website of some guy who is in deep love with skateboarding but pissed off by its industry.

about sub-stance

the situation.

rotten companies selling hollow images and ideals with the two candycoated flavors of punk and hiphop for big bucks. brainless pros striving for an upper-class living and skate-mags discussing the hottest car tunings.

enough is enough.

skateboarding has to rebuild itself. it needs the simplicity of the beginning. companies got fat, rich and stale. same for skateboardings biggest mate, punk. over the years corporate skateboarding adopted all the bad habits of the mainstream business. just selling image, outsourcing and making maximum profit. actually some skate-companies are worse than nike ever was.

but can one change this?

probably not. but who needs this industry, anyway? remember the golden days of real punk? reject and do it yourself! make your own stuff and piss them off! you hurt them the most when they lose your money.

take a stance.

finally sub-stance launched. some boards and shirts, just for the fun of it. avoiding beloved visual stereotypes. just keeping it simple, even boring. yes, boredom can be a real answer right now.currently this site is new and under construction, but i will post some sub-stance stuff in the near future and if somebody is interested just mail me.(this is not a link because of the spam-bots)i would like to exchange with like-minded people!btw. check this out to see where corporate skateboarding ended. it’s all about maximizing profit. welcome skateboarding to the nike world… dwindle proudly produces in asia… read it here: planet earth, profits and how the industry works…check this dedicated bunch out: skateboardingsucks, get the irony?

make your own and break out of cheap unhuman sweatshop-products!

it seems like some companies keeping it fair. but who really knows? i’m still seeking for more. any information would be great!

this baby validates!

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