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April 29, 2006 4:01 pm

[ new balance shoes, the light at the end of the tunnel? ]

while looking for new running shoes two years ago i noticed that at least the new balance high end running shoes were made in the uk or in the usa. new balance is known for its high quality shoes so i bought them right away, glad to support these guys and getting a good running shoe. however i wouldn't wear them in everyday life since this high tech look isn't really my style 😉 nevertheless i really like the clean looking new balance re-issues of the 80's. and the great thing is that many of them are made in the uk, too. even the dudes at peta are happy.

so why this buzz? well, let's just go to an average shop providing all these sports- and skateboard brands. one “cooler” than the other;-) but do you think any of these “cool” brands managed to produce their “scenish” sneakers any different than in form of mass productions under questionable conditions in china or the third world? not one. may it vans or duffs, converse or adidas, nike or globe. so at least new balance shows some attitude that really stands out. their decision is business driven and they too have products made in regions mentioned above, no question about that, but it shows that it is still possible to produce in countries with social standards, trade unions and organized workers.

by the way, as long as these conditions are guaranteed for chinese workers i have no problems at all. my concerns are definitely not patriotic but ethic driven. now if only there would be a clean shaped new balance shoe to use for skateboarding…

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