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April 29, 2006 2:09 am

[ don’t buy from assholes. ]

haha, that’s an easy rule, right? but it’s quite hard to put into practice nowadays. ten years ago it seemed to be easier. in the skateboarding or punk community nobody wanted to buy from mainstream corporations anyway. buying products from the communities was a good chance to exclude products from corporate assholes. nowadays we know that:

  1. most of the small companies went mainstream long ago with all the corporate asshole practices
  2. the mainstream corporations figured out ($$$$) how to look like a small company

so for some time i’m trying to find products for my needs with at least some ethics and values. may it be the proof of credibility in the community, sustainability and responsibility or a fair code of conduct. and because it’s very difficult to evaluate these informations, my rule of thumb is trying to exclude products made in countries, where even human rights are not granted. so if you see a guy in a shop pulling everything inside out in search for the “made in …” label, it may be me trying not to buy from assholes 😉

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