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April 27, 2006 11:20 am

[ kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]

no, i can’t believe it! ok, i hate nike for being the uncaring, third world producing, child abusing, brainwashing, no morality having, profit guzzlin’, environment destroying industry player, but the new ad campain for the nike skateboarding major threat tour is the biggest exploit of punk history i have ever seen. and this makes me hate nike even more.
but do you know who should be killed right away? this self called art director-whore for shoving nike’s giant, corporate dick deep into his paid asshole!!!! what can be more degrading than selling what you once loved for some dollars to a company, who don’t even know what they are buying, as long as it is authentic, modern and credible?
more to read here…, and remember, sometimes good guys don’t wear white. oh, now it’s featured on the dischord website.

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