hi, you reached the website of some guy who is in deep love with skateboarding but pissed off by its industry.

April 27, 2006 11:20 am

[ put the fun back into t-shirts ]

ok, this guy may be some motherfuckin’ hustler who just want to make money, but most of our beloved skateboard companies are doing the same while hiding behind their faked independent image.

american apparel is still one of the few companies producing under fair and guaranteed conditions.

in contrast, the major part of the garment industry, like hanes, fruit of the loom, or the like, run sweatshops in the third world or have subcontracts with these sweatshops. check: fruit of the loom, hanes

so, the next time you buy some skate t-shirt, chances are big to get this mean punkass-skull-design printed on top of some bloodsucking t-shirt blank. take a closer look, fool!

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