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May 2, 2004 4:26 am

[ vans sold to wrangler. ]

many of us grew up skating in vans or chucks. as a brand vans was a true symbol of skateboarding. a few decades ago they stumbled into the scene, did some things right and eventually grow to the industry giant we know today. nowadays they only live of their image like everone else do. trying to keep the “alternative” image while outsourcing production from the united states to the third world like the major players do. they had the chance to do something more and stand out but instead choose the opposite.
well, at least the shareholders will be happy…
“We are making growth happen, and we’re doing it with a powerful brand that resonates strongly with its core teen consumer base.”
watch out, someday the “core teen consumer base” may give you a major kick in the ass.

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