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May 25, 2004 2:38 am

[ beautiful losers ]

i tend to preach that skateboarding is so much of a mind thing. not only trickwise but because it puts yourself in a completely different context of your environment. just find your way to capture your viewpoint and maybe someone may decide to call it art. who cares, just have fun doing it. besides the fact that nowadays everybody and his mother wants to be this artsy bohemian, there is still excellent artistic output made by skateboarders.
a nice overview might be the exhibition “beautiful losers”.
and here some true words:
McGinness tries to explain the attraction of the skateboard scene to artists: “I think it ties into this Do-It-Yourself mentality,” he says.” “It wasn’t the industry it is now,” he says. “It was the outsiders who skated and designed and hand painted their own shirts and made their own zines and shared their own zines.”
unfortunately ohio is to far away for me 🙁

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