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December 10, 2006 11:47 pm

[ 1st & Hope. ]

wow, this is the video i always wanted to do. just cruising the city with friends and being comfortable on your board. no handrail stunts, no cut every two seconds. just pure enjoyment.

what makes this film even better is the mix of generations from lance mountain to paul rodriguez. it shows people living their life but kept true to skating. the film is directed by brian lotti, who even contributed a spoken word audio layer. well done!

featured skaters are: Eric Dressen, Lance Mountain, Ocean Howell, Salman Agah, Dune, Tom Knox, Brian Lotti, Kenny Anderson, Mike Carroll, Marc Johnson, Ray Barbee, Caswell Berry, Paolo Diaz, Paul Rodriguez, Mark Appleyard und Brezinski, PJ Ladd and many more.

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