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July 3, 2008 5:28 pm

[ black sunday. ]

some days plain suck. and you can see it coming days before. every day adds some little hurdle and it all will fit perfectly into one big disaster.

like last sunday. not a typical sunday but the sunday i yearned for. the first time to ride the new concrete skatepark (more on this later).
The whole week i had too much work to go there in the evening. and then i became aware that i lost my skate shoes in a rental car the weekend before! stupid me. these were the “vegetarian shoes” i wrote about some time ago. they were perfect ridden in and now gone.

ok, so i picked some old rowleys from the attic. i never thought i would skate in some sweatshop shoes again, but that’s all i had to save a session.

so saturday came and it rained. i had to wait for sunday. and sunday started with backache. without a reason, apart from the fact that my back is quite prone to this problem. but does it have to be today??? anyway i went to the park with my friends. needless to say it was quite crowded, the shoes sucked and the back ached. i should have relaxed but i wanted to ride. after some hours my back was completely fucked. i couldn’t even lace my shoes.

so now the weekend comes and i am still curing my back. but at least it rains…

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