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September 11, 2010 2:12 pm

[ inside out. ]

finally found this video classic, inside out by gullwing trucks. let’s start with the soundtrack, which is a masterly mixture of styles and moods, mostly by bands, i never heard of, and with various styles. it creates a truly unique athmospere.
also the mix of personalities is awesome. it’s a clash of generations, legends and rookies, gator here and ron allen there, it is full of opposites.
few videos ever covered the transition of skateboarding from the 80’s to the 90’s better than this flick. almost like parallel universes you find the 80’s skateboarding vert rockstars in tie died vision streetwear clothing and plain dressed streetstyle amateurs exploring new possibilities. both seemingly unaware that they will be all part of a huge paradigm shift in skateboarding.
a person who really stands out here is chris miller. he really is timeless in any aspect.
i still remember when i first watched the movie around ’88, it was wintertime and we only had parking garages to escape the snow and rain for some skating. the movie fitted perfectly with its raw appearance. unusually for a skate movie in some parts it even seems that the weather conditions weren’t perfect either. i really love this part!

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